Making asbestos issues smaller

Making asbestos issues smaller

The presence of asbestos in your buildings can be a big issue and a risk to the occupants, your staff and contractors.  Note, we said issue, not problem, as with proper management any asbestos issues can be contained.

With the correct ongoing asbestos management programme, as required by law, the issues do become smaller.  Also, the chances of a problem arising are completely minimised and the possibility of a prosecution is eradicated.

By careful identification of the asbestos in your building(s), via our UKAS Accredited asbestos survey, we can then provide you with an asbestos management plan.

Many asbestos-containing materials pose a low risk and so can stay in place, provided they are not disturbed and are re-checked on a regular, six or twelve monthly basis.  However, we will also make recommendations as to any asbestos that should be removed.  Also, as you refurbish, any asbestos will need to be removed, all of which will contribute to reducing potential risks over time, and the potential problems getting smaller and smaller.

This is our aim.  To reduce asbestos issues for you over time and ultimately to eliminate them altogether.  This is a strategy we have proved time and time again and so if you would like to discuss further then please do not hesitate to contact us.