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Asbestos Surveys in London, Brighton, Sussex & South Wales

Established in 2004, as the asbestos specialist, Core has extensive knowledge and experience in the asbestos industry. We are UKAS accredited to ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 17025 for undertaking all types of asbestos surveys, asbestos testing (excluding water absorption & soil analysis) and asbestos air testing, covering London, Bristol, Brighton, Sussex, Kent and South Wales including Cardiff and Swansea. We have offices in Sussex and South Wales and provide the full range of asbestos consultancy and site remediation services.

Our Asbestos Consultancy Services

We provide a full range of UKAS accredited asbestos services across the South East, South West & South Wales. We work in a range of industries, providing both residential asbestos surveys and commercial asbestos surveys, refurbishment and demolition surveys as well as site remediation and asbestos testing. Our on-site laboratory means we can provide an in-house service, reducing the costs of sampling and bulk analysis.

Core specialises in asbestos surveys for a wide variety of building types, encompassing businesses, government bodies and domestic properties.
Core operates a fleet of mobile asbestos laboratories enabling all works to be undertaken on-site, from 4 Stage Clearances to leak testing and personal monitoring.
Our in-house testing laboratory brings our clients the benefit of surveys, sampling and analysis, all under one roof.
For on-going asbestos management, our team of consultants will use their expertise to monitor and control asbestos within buildings through asbestos reinspections.
Our asbestos awareness and masterclass training courses are designed to increase awareness and illustrate the hazards of asbestos within the working environment.
We offer asbestos demolition and refurbishment surveys, suitable for when a building or part of a building is being demolished, upgraded or refurbished.

We Provide A Full Range Of Asbestos Surveys, Testing & Lab Services

No matter whether you are a government body, large private organisation, charity or homeowner, we are here to help you comply with the most up to date asbestos regulations and legislation.

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