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Asbestos refurbishment surveys: why they’re important

Asbestos-related health conditions are ‘silent killers’ which take the lives of more people than road accidents do. Indeed, there are no asbestos fibres which can be classed as safe – all can lead to the same diseases and so are treated equally under UK legislation and guidance. At the turn of the millennium, this carcinogenic […]

Independent Means Impartial

An Asbestos Survey from an Independent Surveyor Will Definitely be Impartial When booking or commissioning an asbestos survey it is best to go to an independent surveyor. This will ensure that the recommendations are completely impartial and could save you money as a result.

Guiding You Through The Asbestos Maze

Infographics for Consultant Selection, Project Planning and Asbestos Management  With over 40 years combined experience in the asbestos industry, our team of specialist consultants are always on hand to share our expertise and knowledge through advice, information and training.  Together, we have devised three infographics, each relating to a specific topic which clients frequently enquire […]