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Asbestos and retail – not just a cosmetic problem

An American mum made the unpleasant discovery that a make-up kit sold by chain retailer Claire’s, belonging to her six-year-old daughter, had asbestos in it. The 30-year-old mother, who’s from Rhode Island and works for a law firm herself, told journalists she felt she had to research further after she found her daughter’s glitter make-up […]

Union guidance on asbestos: schools advised against putting up festive decorations

Schools shouldn’t use staples or pins to fasten Christmas decorations to ceilings and walls in classrooms, as this could potentially disturb asbestos, if the make-up of the ceiling or walls is not known. Children particularly vulnerable to asbestos dangers That’s the advice of the Joint Union Asbestos Committee, which represents nine teaching and support worker […]

The threat of asbestos to builders: an overview

What is Asbestos? Asbestos is a set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals, sharing something called an asbestiform habit, meaning they have long, thin, fibrous crystals. Each visible fibre comprises millions of microscopic ‘fibrils’ which abrasion and similar processes will release. These are typically known by their colours – blue, brown or white asbestos. Asbestos […]

Poor quality asbestos surveys could cost schools millions

Some of the sites the government are buying for free schools don’t have current asbestos surveys, meaning the taxpayer could have to fit a potential bill of millions for the necessary refurbishments once asbestos is discovered later on, Schools Week reports. Experts have said that because the Education Funding Agency (EFA) is ‘under pressure’ to […]

Asbestos refurbishment surveys: why they’re important

Asbestos-related health conditions are ‘silent killers’ which take the lives of more people than road accidents do. Indeed, there are no asbestos fibres which can be classed as safe – all can lead to the same diseases and so are treated equally under UK legislation and guidance. At the turn of the millennium, this carcinogenic […]


Core Surveys are looking for Asbestos Surveyors / Analysts (4 Stage Clearance) / Bulk ID analysts – Multiple Vacancies. We are looking for enthusiastic people to join our team, with one or more the following P401 / P402 / P403 / S301 / CoCA, together with relevant industry experience. Salary range £18,000 – £28,000 plus […]

Guiding You Through The Asbestos Maze

With over 40 years combined experience in the asbestos industry, our team of specialist consultants are always on hand to share our expertise and knowledge through advice, information and training.  Together, we have devised three infographics, each relating to a specific topic which clients frequently enquire about.

Northamptonshire firms fined for asbestos failings

Two Northamptonshire firms have been fined after a routine safety inspection revealed serious asbestos-related failings. Northampton Magistrates’ Court heard today (22 Dec) that Lifting Systems Ltd had contracted Durasteel Services Ltd to refurbish an asbestos cement roof at its Crown Works in Far Cotton. When inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) visited the […]