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Asbestos in Makeup - How it Gets There & How to Avoid it Blog
Asbestos in makeup – how it gets there and how to avoid it

In recent years, a growing number of make-up products have been found to contain asbestos – which inevitably leads to the question of why it is there, and how to avoid it. Over the last few years, the increasing number of cosmetic items found to have been contaminated includes the MUA palette ‘Silent Disco’, which […]

How long does asbestos stay airborne?
How long does asbestos stay in the air after it’s been disturbed?

If you’re wondering how long asbestos stays in the air after being disturbed, there are several factors to consider which we will outline in this article. Asbestos poses the greatest threat to human health once its fibres have been disturbed since this releases dangerous particles into the air, which can remain airborne for some time. […]