Asbestos Testing Testing!

Asbestos Testing Testing!

Asbestos Laboratory Services from Core  

Our in-house, UKAS accredited asbestos testing laboratory enables us to offer a fast turnaround of samples which in turn speeds up the report production following the completion of surveys.

Whilst there are obvious benefits of having an in-house laboratory to our own asbestos surveying services, we are also able to offer analysis to companies who do not have their own accredited testing facilities. This may be on a one-off basis or for companies who have any number of samples to be analysed on an annual basis.

In some situations a sample may be all that is required in the first instance, perhaps a material has been identified which has not previously appeared within an asbestos survey, so the immediate concern is with a specific material. In these situations we can send a surveyor to undertake a sample of the material and report back once it has been analysed, often offering a same-day service where it is required.

For those people and companies who are trained in the taking of samples but do not have their own testing facilities, we are also able to offer analysis on a larger scale. We regularly receive batches of samples from independent asbestos surveyors and surveying companies, through to asbestos removal and demolition contractors who undertake their own sampling but do not have testing facilities.

So whether it is a one-off sample, asbestos air testing or analysis on a much larger scale, we are equipped to assist. Once samples have been analysed you will receive a certificate of analysis which clearly identifies whether or not asbestos is present, and if so, what type.

Core Surveys do not advise people to undertake sampling of suspected asbestos-containing materials unless they have been trained in how to do so safely. The safety of those taking the sample/s as well as anyone who may be in the surrounding area following the sampling process is of paramount importance.

Having a sample analysed for asbestos may only be half the story, knowing what to do upon identifying a suspected asbestos material, or finding that known asbestos has deteriorated or been disturbed, is also essential when managing asbestos. This is where training comes in, see top right for details of our next UKATA asbestos awareness training course.

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