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Asbestos Awareness Training

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Our asbestos awareness training course is designed to increase asbestos awareness and highlight the hazards of asbestos within the working environment.

If you are likely to have to work with low risk, non-licensed asbestos containing materials, then it is important that you know how to do so safely. If this is a requirement then, immediately following the general awareness course, we can continue to train you in how to follow the Health and Safety Executive’s Approved Codes of Practice for working with non-licensed asbestos containing materials.

Topics Covered

  • Asbestos history and background
  • Types and uses of asbestos
  • Hazards of asbestos and health effects
  • Examples of many types of asbestos containing materials
  • Emergency procedures for asbestos exposure
  • Legislation / obligations

We provide certificates of attendance on completion of the course, which can be used as part of your asbestos management file. Courses can be held at clients’ premises or a suitable venue.  Catering options can be supplied (depending on delegate numbers).

To attend or arrange an asbestos awareness training course or for further information, please contact us. You can also download our asbestos awareness training information sheet to print or keep on file.

Please Note: Whilst we can train you in safe methods of working, prior to working with ANY asbestos you must ensure that your relevant insurance covers you for this type of work as many policies will exclude all contact with asbestos.

Whether you require asbestos surveys, analysis, management, training or simply asbestos advice, our team of specialists is on hand to help in any way we can.

“The HSE strongly recommends the use of accredited or certificated surveyors for asbestos surveys. The duty holder should not appoint or instruct an independent surveyor to carry out a survey unless the surveyor is competent.”
HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide

Identifying Asbestos Products

Click on the image to view our interactive building diagram which illustrates typical asbestos products that you may find in your premises and their likely location.

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